Available courses

A private discussion area for Ontario's Family Court Support Worker program, funded by the Ministry of the Attorney General

This multi-module course is an accompaniment to our After She Leaves Manual. It covers:

  • Violence against women within the family, the dynamics and impact
  • Family law issues for women after leaving an abusive relationship
  • Family court processes
  • Getting legal advice
  • Strategies for providing effective support

A collection of video presentations and other resources to supplement the After She Leaves Manual and training

Designed for family law lawyers. Topics covered:

  • Understanding intimate partner abuse
  • Converging issues - cultural & legal
  • Intake & screening
  • Practice management
  • Common issues in cases involving partner abuse
  • Evidence
  • Professional responsibility

This program contains 1hr 20 mins Professionalism Hours and is eligible for up to 1 hr 10 min Substantive Hours. To enroll, contact Training@LukesPlace.ca.

A private forum to support lawyers who are working with and on behalf of women dealing with issues of violence and abuse.

This online training for Citizen Social Science Researchers provides information about the Community Engaged Ontario Family Court Research project, family law and family court, intimate partner violence and how to conduct court observations. There are two components of this training. The first component is this self-directed online course. After you have completed this phase, you will be enrolled in the second component where you will be able to access the Qualtrics tools used to collect data in this project and resources. 

This online space is restricted to volunteer researchers who have successfully completed the Community Engaged Ontario Family Court Research Training. It contains research tools and updates.

Based on the Luke's Place model, this toolkit contains materials to enhance the delivery of family law support services. Some of the material is intended for managers and administrators, some for the women you work with, but most of it is for frontline workers. 

A downloadable report on services for women in Ontario available to anyone using this site.

A self-directed training on how to undertake law reform from the community-based organization perspective

This e-learning will be available in Fall 2023. To sign up to access it, contact Training@LukesPlace.ca.