Available courses

A private discussion area for Ontario's Family Court Support Worker program, funded by the Ministry of the Attorney General

This online training for Virtual Legal Clinic partnering organizations supports workers to identify family law issues, work with lawyers and use the Clinic services. The Virtual Legal Clinic connects women to family law lawyers for free legal advice.

Pandemic Community of Practice (P-CoP) for VAW frontline workers supporting women with family law issues

Key products developed by Luke's Place for organizations providing family law support services to women leaving abusive relationships

These resources are available to service providers who participate in a recent Luke's Place in-person "After She Leaves" training.

These resources are available to service providers who have participated in a recent Luke's Place in-person "After She Leaves - Train the Facilitator" training. The password is provided at the training.

Luke's Place workshop material for After She Leaves workshop trainees. These resources are made available thanks to support from the Canadian Women's Foundation.

A private forum to support lawyers who are working with and on behalf of women dealing with issues of violence and abuse.

Designed for family law lawyers. Topics covered:

  • Understanding intimate partner abuse
  • Converging issues - cultural & legal
  • Intake & screening
  • Practice management
  • Common issues in cases involving partner abuse
  • Evidence
  • Professional responsibility

This program contains 1hr 20 mins Professionalism Hours and is eligible for up to 1 hr 10 min Substantive Hours. To enroll, contact projectco@lukesplace.ca.

Based on the Luke's Place model, this toolkit contains materials to enhance the delivery of family law support services. Some of the material is intended for managers and administrators, some for the women you work with, but most of it is for frontline workers. 

Open to anyone using this site and developed as part of the Family Court Support Worker program with funding from the Ministry of the Attorney General, these resources are relevant to service providers who are supporting abused women involved in the family court process.

A downloadable report on services for women in Ontario available to anyone using this site.

A private space for our pro bono lawyers